Elon Musk is now building a multi-level colony so we can end world hunger in 25 years

Elon Musk, the eccentric founder of Tesla and SpaceX, is now looking into ways he can eradicate global hunger. But we don’t have very long to wait before the results start emerging, Elon.


That’s right, the man behind two pioneering space technology projects that are threatening humanity’s future (eluding government regulation and Elon’s ambitions to colonise Mars) has asked an expert scientific team to map out exactly how he can create a multi-level colony in order to eradicate world hunger. His stipulation to the advisory group is that the plan could be completed within 25 years.

He shared the press release from the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, which isn’t a union, but a non-profit movement of countries around the world that support helping the four billion people around the world suffering from hunger and poverty.

That news surely delighted John Bolton, President Donald Trump’s national security adviser and head of the Strategic Initiatives Group, who is a man deeply committed to private, mostly military investments. He’s said the US government is considering ways to build more and better capital systems to focus on the space industry so he doesn’t have to wait for Elon to finish his colony.

So how does this plan work exactly?

Tesla’s billionaire founder on Tuesday evening tweeted a research paper from an advisory group to publish their predictions in the first quarter of 2021, which they did Wednesday afternoon.

In the six-page document, they recommend building up a new multi-level society where existing knowledge is shared on a global level. They’re suggesting that electricity grids be moved from the southern hemisphere to the northern where there’s more sunlight and more food production is possible.

“In this way, by shifting resources to the sun, you improve solar generation; by redistributing energy from the south to the north, you redistribute food production,” their plan says.

Hmmm. We’re looking into this.

By changing the states and grids of the electronics, the paper says Elon could get enough computing power from the sun to guarantee that this plan is used throughout the planet.

Yes, Musk has some kind of big plan, we just don’t know exactly what.

How long will the US government take to complete their radical and unexpected plan?

Now going off of what they described to Business Insider, we doubt they’ll get close to Elon’s deadline.

The US government has failed to ratify the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which outline how we can end extreme poverty and fight climate change.

And let’s not forget that this is a Trump administration, that despises climate change and seems to do the least they can to clean up our most important environment.

Any ideas on how to help feed people?

There are companies out there that are doing incredible work, we just want to stop subsidizing large farms who are just scratching the surface of the global hungry populace.

TurnOut raises $2,000 on the Kernel to help feed Africans, $1,500 on CrowdRise to feed humans displaced by the Trump administration, and $2,700 on Patreon to help feed hunger by the 1.5 billion African children who need it.

Some have even argued that building world-class cities is more important than food production, and more people must be connected, because the true barriers to ending hunger around the world lie in our concept of cities.

So what do you think?

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