Zodiac guru Eric’s weekly forecast – September 16, 2018

Forecast: unseasonably cool for this time of year with temperatures likely to top out in the 70s. Today will feature breezy and cooler morning temperatures, but some patchy morning fog likely will linger for some with visibilities in spots under a quarter mile. Humidity will be higher than normal with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s inland and mid 70s to near 80 along the coast.

Don’t forget to use caution if you’re out and about: reduce speed for slick spots (trees, sidewalks, intersections; driving on wet pavement – not allowed), use turn signals when exiting your vehicle. Dress for the weather: hat, sunglasses, shorts, maybe a light sweater or light t-shirt – I’m guessing most of us will try to adhere to at least the bare minimum needed to stay cool in 90-degree-plus days.

Family secrets? Found love? Crappy grades in school? Family feud? Chances are you’ll put on a game face and navigate the all too familiar natural elements of New England as you prepare for a week filled with football, football, football. No change in the weather.


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