World’s fastest train debuts in China with top speed of 420mph

Speedster – due to make way for the world’s fastest, one with 1,065 kph top speed – will run from western city of Xi’an to Xi’an Tangtaotong

China on Monday officially debuted a prototype of its world’s fastest train that travels at 620kph (400mph).

At a press conference in the western city of Xi’an, where the train made its debut, China Railway said the prototype had been developed from the “blueprint of the world’s fastest train”. The world’s fastest train has been a state secret since it was unveiled in 2007 and is believed to reach a top speed of around 1,065kph (739mph).

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According to Chinese standards, the train had already reached 620kph, and was able to maintain its speed in a tunnel, the local railway agency said in a statement. It said the train had met “all the basic standards for safety” and was due to run from Xi’an to Xi’an Tangtaotong, a section of the city in Yunnan province.

The statement said that the train had been built using domestically produced components. By the end of the year, the train will be ready for real testing and will run to the country’s capital, Beijing, according to state media.

China has dozens of bullet trains and, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency, the technology has enabled the country to become “the world’s largest transporter of passengers and freight trains”.

The country has rattled nerves around the world with its pursuit of a jet-powered, bullet train to the speed of sound. An approach to the 500mph mark is expected in the coming years.

The country also has a range of high-speed railways, with the high-speed Guangzhou-Wuhan express travelling at 380kph.

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