Women golfers go for the glory at the Saudi Arabian Ladies International Pro-Am

Written by Emily Pedersen, CNN

Emily Pedersen is a former world junior champion and professional golfer. She recently played in the Saudi Ladies International Pro-Am in Jeddah.

Oct. 28, when we get together to have dinner and have fun, I will be playing at the Saudi Ladies International Pro-Am.

I think it is about time the women golfers got to play on the same basis as the men.

There are some people who don’t want that. These guys have spent thousands of dollars on their gear and equipment, as well as paying their clubs over there. And yet when they are sent out to play, some of them wonder why they can’t play with men.

It is so hard to keep those kind of feelings in mind when your jeans and shirt and headgear are being scrutinized by men.

At the Saudi Ladies International Pro-Am, Golf Week magazine says, we will see some of the best female players in the world competing against their male counterparts in Jeddah.

The Saudi Women Golf Association has been quietly organizing these events for years, but now it has permission from the authorities to officially organize the Saudi Ladies International Pro-Am every October in Jeddah. The event will be televised to a worldwide audience on Golf Week.

The 28 women, including myself, will compete against 18 of the Saudi men. The aim is to raise both our international golf standards and the game’s profile in Saudi Arabia.

We have to make sure that we’re leading the way. We want more Saudis to play golf because it’s a great sport to do while having fun, and because it really gives you peace of mind.

I think the Saudis get that. The generation of ladies playing the game today are the kids who grew up in a different atmosphere. For the parents who joined them, it’s a great outlet. It is for them to bring up a generation of players.

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