Who owns the NYC elevators that opened at Trump Tower?

Written by By Carma Hassan, CNN Written by Kristopher Radder, CNN

After the announcement of a new live system required to operate the Donald Trump Tower elevators, designers have recalled an embarrassing glitch that started seeing clunking doors after about two years.

According to the New York Daily News , the Citywide Ambulance System installed the keys to the elevator control system five years ago, but the system has never been shut down completely and they apparently went missing or get lost in the system.

In 2016, workers reportedly found them accidentally switched back off, preventing the doors from closing. They were reportedly switched back on again when a door opened at the top of the stairs, prompting the issue.

A Daily News reporter asked Ruben Cornejo, a vice president at World Trade Center developers Related Companies, whether the elevator controls should be replaced. According to The Daily News, he replied, “That won’t be happening because we fix it.”

It’s unclear exactly when the buttons reset or what caused the problem.

CNN has reached out to World Trade Center developer CBRE, which has an ownership stake in the property as the company that oversees the complex. CBRE representatives declined to comment to CNN. Cornejo’s company did not respond to CNN’s request for comment.

Richard Landes, professor of architecture and design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, is a pioneer in designing the elevator system for the Mercedes-Benz Tower in Berlin. He has also worked in designing these systems in New York and elsewhere.

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