Trump supporter questions appointment of ‘anti-Racist Advisor’ at university

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts’ administration is coming down on the University of Nebraska after he discovered a plan to change policies for how the school treated students accused of sexual misconduct. Chief among those concerns is the appointment of an “anti-Racialist Advisor” to Nebraska Board of Regents, even though the advisory position is not listed on the terms of the group’s rules. Ricketts, who has been largely a supporter of President Donald Trump and of the fossil-fuel industry, criticized the proposal as a way for the university to “apply ideological indoctrination to discipline cases.”

A member of the group, Kellie Krueger, released a statement stating that she did not mean to put off sensitive cases in response to certain “extreme cases,” and that she was “very sorry that I did not speak more openly about my intentions,” she continued. She has also taken responsibility for making a “very serious mistake.”

But Ricketts, is not a fan of the plan. He blasted the regents for the plan, arguing that the newly created anti-Racialist Advisor was “anti-racist” and that the new position was created in part to teach students who have engaged in racial incidents at the university how to become better citizens. In addition, Ricketts said the move signaled an unwillingness to tackle racism on campus, and that it could influence punishments for those accused of sexual misconduct.

“Is the anti-racist advisor an explicit part of this ‘harmless educational initiative?’” Ricketts asked. “Or is it an ideological indoctrination?”

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos also voiced her displeasure over the new appointed position, calling it “dangerous.”

Read the full story at The New York Times.


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