Toronto police launch homicide investigation after man dies

Toronto police have launched a homicide investigation after a man died a week after being shot outside a high-rise in Toronto’s east end.

A 37-year-old man was hit in the head last Wednesday at a high-rise in Brampton, near Brampton Mills and Brampton Mills and Oaklands malls. The man was in the courtyard area outside the building when he was shot. He was taken to a hospital in stable condition, where he died on Sunday.

Toronto police launched an investigation and said they could not give the cause of death, or whether the man had died from his injuries before or after collapsing outside the building.

“Citizens should be mindful that these type of incidents are never easy to have to go through. To everyone affected, we offer our condolences,” Toronto police said in a statement.

A homicide squad has been activated, and the victim’s name has not been released. The Toronto Star has quoted a woman who claimed to be the victim’s sister.

In October, 28-year-old Duri Ramlie was killed in another random shooting outside a Brampton high-rise after a confrontation with a resident who had angrily confronted him as he tried to flag down a taxi.

“Like now, I can’t bring myself to even talk about it,” the suspect’s mother said when her son’s body was brought into her church in east Toronto the next day. “Please forgive me.”

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