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Can You Build a Social Network on Google+?

Last week we debated how much you should use Google+, a social network that hasn’t done much to stand out from Facebook and Twitter. How much should you use social networks? Should you respond to posts with real-time questions and comments? Should you only connect with people you trust?

In the run-up to a presidential election year, there are plenty of people who might like to know how much it will cost to create a social network, or how to benefit from a tie-up with one company.

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What Is the Right Way to Talk About the Rape of an Unborn Child?

A growing number of doctors and people around the country have started describing the abortion of a fetus in the final days of its life as “non-cruelty abandonment.” New research suggests these descriptions might suggest a number of different explanations, but they also have the potential to complicate medical education, especially in the early stages of doctor training. Story continues after the jump.

A persistent societal taboo around abortion has kept doctors from discussing these cases of loss of life, but medical schools are beginning to catch up. It’s hard to find the right way to broach this topic, and medical professionals are lucky if they can even be asked the question in question period in the middle of a medical residency. Still, movement in this direction is a good sign for a society desperate to learn more about the differences between a woman’s decision to end a pregnancy, and an attacker’s decision to end the pregnancy.

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GLSEN and History’s Best Campaigns on Sexual and Gender Diversity

This year, civil rights organization GLSEN will celebrate its 40th anniversary, with 50 major events taking place in the span of a month. Their campaign titled “Aim High” is a massive and ambitious undertaking, covering everything from health care to higher education. The press it has generated, which includes interviews with celebrities like Boyz II Men, the president of HBO, a former student activist, and GLSEN’s chairman, is one of its greatest wins. The organizations can get press like no other group, and it’s worth a look.

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