This quiz reveals what your neighbors think of you

CNN Staff • Updated 10th April 2018

( CNN ) — Do you want to know what your neighbors think of you, or how this week’s headlines compare with last week’s?

Or maybe you just want to make sense of the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, all your fellow passengers and how their tastes compare to yours.

Newly available to the public is an interactive quiz from BuzzFeed News that let users sort according to topics, types of news outlets and different people: Teacher, Jane, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Uber, re/code, Congress — your choices, much like your own tastes.

The quiz was done in collaboration with BuzzTrack’s analytics platform and BuzzFeed News’s journalism application — and so you can trust that the results are accurate.

You can take it using Facebook and Twitter using text, the “Screenshots” mode, or in the browser-based experience.

Even if you have bad news taste, it doesn’t hurt to know that you’re not unique in your opinions.

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