The top 5 movies starring Molly Ringwald

Mansfield Park

The Girl on a Train

Here Alone

The Sleeper

2. Molly Ringwald, 1985. This enormous success focused the industry’s attention on the twentysomething actress, some 20 years before the release of Sixteen Candles, which also starred her. Written by: Craig Lucas; Starring: Molly Ringwald, Julie Christie, Laura Linney. Columbia Pictures.

“I never think of anyone else in my life but myself and nobody’s there,” Ringwald writes in the lead to her teen drama-thriller, The Blunderer. “No one is thinking about me — I don’t know about anything else but me and me.”

That emotional introspection is a defining feature of Ringwald’s career, which has led her to pen screenplays for Twister, The Graduate, and Charlie’s Angels. Her latest movie, The Sex Lives of College Girls, seems well suited to Ringwald’s recent muse, as the last few years have shown a seemingly new appreciation for authentic voice.

Ringwald stars in “The Sex Lives of College Girls” as Sydney Barber, an introverted young woman whose post-graduation career plans are jeopardized by the quest for a boyfriend. In true early-’90s style, Max, the blue-eyed beau she meets along the way, comes to embody her feminism and commitment to her friends and herself.

The film is written and directed by Maggie Greenwald, who gave the film its festival premiere at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, earlier this year. Sarah Christian (The Duke of Burgundy) co-stars.

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