‘The Great British Bake Off’ season 2 casting announcement

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“The Great British Baking Show” is returning, with this year’s second season of a variety of Australian ex-pats competing in a range of kitchens around the world.

Each episode will feature a new group of past and present contestants living in the UK and taking on fresh challenges from food-related photos to technical testing.

The four, eight-episode season will also feature “an array of guest judges and teams with various places across the world” as seen in the trailer above.

The Great Australian Bake Off


Season One’s Australian Bake Off seemed to gain a huge number of fans from its inclusion and references to Australia. How will it be on “The Great British Bake Off”? Most Australian participants filmed their shows prior to the First Gulf War, which meant baking without ovens or refrigeration was a serious challenge.

Australia’s Melki Puckett (left) and Asha Durran (right) on “The Great British Bake Off” Credit: James Wiltshire/The Great British Bake Off/PA Images


Japan isn’t seen as particularly good at baking, but some contestants have already impressed with their baked goods. One of the previous competitors, Melki Puckett, is better known by the name of her cookie personality: “The Great Japanese Vegan Baking Show.” Masao Takagi has long since moved on.

The Great British Bake Off


Powered by TV shows such as “Cuisine . . . Did You Know.” “Innovation Germany” seems to be trying to create some excitement about German baking.


“The Great Chinese Bake Off” is based on a UK show that was also a popular property in China. The show is described as “an innovative baking game show.” The first Chinese contestant of the series may be Jia Cai.


This program will kick off season two in Russia with candidates competing in Russia’s first bake-off in the country.


The show’s format will be reminiscent of the Argentine version called “Tres Arepas. Ingleses D’amarguin,” which aired from 2010 to 2014.

“The Great Australian Bake Off” season one, pictured above Credit: James Wiltshire/The Great British Bake Off/PA Images

The Australian Bake Off Season Two

The Australian Bake Off proved popular enough for Season Two, which will air on Saturday nights beginning in January 2019.

It is the first time the show will air in the UK, and will be hosted by Tim McMullan and Beckee Clark.

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