Spider-Man duo Zendaya and Tom Holland try to hide details of Tom Holland’s past relationship

Zendaya and her Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland have a fun rapport in the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, but they are notably tight-lipped about the past relationship between Holland and his costar Zendaya.

According to The Daily Beast, the two young stars failed to speak on the subject of Holland’s relationship with Zendaya when The Daily Beast’s Bill Carter interviewed them at the premiere of the sequel’s Berlin premiere on Tuesday night. “There’s not a lot you can say,” Zendaya said. “We’re just friends.”

“That was how we shot it, so I’m sure it will be fine,” Holland said.

Despite the difficulty in discussing the issue, Carter managed to get a few more euphemisms out of the two, albeit not a whole lot more. Holland said that he and Zendaya, and the rest of the cast, stayed close during shooting. “We went through a lot together, but we worked really well together and [Zendaya] was so supportive of the project,” he said. Zendaya did not provide much detail, commenting that the trio is “still very close.”

“In our lives, we’re more close than some people we know,” said Carter.

“I think, all things considered,” added Holland, “I’d just rather not talk about it.”

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