Salebook publishes list of values of sale of 4 real estate properties in downtown Toronto

WE Charity Inc., a philanthropic and real estate developer in Toronto, sold four downtown properties, including one it bought for $32 million, for a total of $36 million on Tuesday, according to Salebook Inc., a website that provides information about the real estate market.

The four properties were listed separately in 2018 at prices ranging from $13.5 million to $40 million. The average price paid per square foot for the four properties was $1,550. The report did not provide details about the sale prices or sale sites. A spokeswoman for WE Charity, Andrea Helms, said the transactions were part of a larger $70 million real estate investment program WE is part of that includes a hotel and a retirement apartment complex and that yielded a profit of $7 million last year.

Several noteworthy deals for real estate in the metro area have been publicized in recent months, including the sale of a group of properties controlled by a pension plan with assets under management of more than $1 billion for $1.4 billion and a $100 million for Toronto Real Estate Investment Trust in early June.

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