Reynolds: Former Princess of Monaco hospitalized after losing her balance

The former Princess of Monaco was taken to the hospital on Friday, after losing her balance and collapsing outside her home, Wills TV station, which first reported the news, said.

The 36-year-old prince reportedly suffered an apparent case of the flu. A source close to the Prince Albert II of Monaco said the Monaco royal family is “horrified” by the news and that his wife “has a high risk of stroke or heart attack,” according to Wills TV station.

“She is now stable at the hospital, but weak,” the source told Wills TV station.

On Saturday, it was reported that the princess has suffered two strokes over the past five months.

This is just the latest in a series of health challenges for the former princess, who became a commoner in July.

The royal has battled to overcome the difficult after effects of being a royal in the tightly-controlled, spotlight-obsessed country of Monaco.

She was born Mary-Sophie Caroline of Hanover in 1984 to two of the world’s wealthiest men, Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly. While her father had risen to the throne in 1957, the succession to Prince Albert II of Monaco had always been in the process of changing hands.

An American actress was chosen to become the new princess and marry Rainier, when he met Grace Kelly, in 1954. She was the star of the television series “High Society” and wore a bathing suit in an outdoor scene in which she danced for the prince.

When Rainier was shot to death in 1982, Grace Kelly became queen. But she was unable to cope with the life change and the stress, and she left Monaco in 1986. She died from neck cancer in Monaco in 1992.

Charlene at that time was the choice of Rainier’s grandson, Prince Albert II. The prince and Charlene married in 2011.

However, less than a year later, Charlene had to make the difficult decision to leave Monaco amid reports that the elder prince had been having an affair with a maid, who was working at the Monaco palace at the time.

The royal was found dead in the bathtub of his palace apartment the following morning.

Despite the rumors of infidelity, the prince was cleared in an official investigation. The princess stayed behind to care for Prince Albert II during the sensitive time.

But in March 2015, the prince checked into a hospital for tests, after Charlene allegedly injured her knee in a skiing accident in Austria. The prince ultimately told the media that the injuries were from an accident with his brother’s Labrador, “Dr. Doug,” at the castle. Charlene returned to Monaco to tend to the prince for several months.

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