Please Join Santa for the Dumfries Place Toy Drive

He really is the most wonderful time of the year. But now it’s more important than ever that he gets the supplies he needs. And by get, we mean: he needs YOU.

That’s right. Santa Claus needs YOUR help. He just got “down and dirty” with some of your old toys. He found out that some are in good shape but others need some upgrading.

So, come to Santa’s Workshop in Dumfries Place, McLean, VA on Sunday December 17th from 10am to 4pm to help give Santa more presents. Prizes for the best costumes, toys, etc. Proceeds benefit the local ELL Reading Program. #santafans #dumfriesplace @mcdiscovernewva @PurpleKittensDC #dc — Santa Claus HQ (@santaclaris) December 9, 2018

It was perhaps a little ironic that Santa, aka Matt Boegel, the co-owner of Dumfries Place, felt the need to seek volunteers to fix some of Santa’s older toys. That’s because, of course, many people donate their used toys to the Dumfries Place Christmas Toy Drive, which benefits ELL Reading & Special Education School.

Need more of the perfect gift? Last month, Santa was all dressed up, maybe even a bit groggy, when he was spotted off the St. Elmo’s Cliff over at Walnut Hills. As he told Washingtonian, he was simply in need of some new friends. The local video shop actually gave him a Canon 7D.

He also gets his groceries at Walgreens…at least, that’s what he was told today.

Have a job you can volunteer for? Visit Santa’s workshop today, Sunday December 17, 2018, in McLean.

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