Man gets 15 parking tickets for defacing Toronto road

Canadian prosecutors have charged the owner of a Ford Focus for defacing the pavement with 15 tickets, the Canadian news agency CP24 reported. A graphic posted online claimed that the man paid more than $2,400 in fines and court costs after he drove past a busy Toronto intersection where parking spots are painted on the ground. The person who made the graphic called out this issue with several photos of parking spots marked with various words and symbols that are likely not reflective of the actual space being charged. The images were tagged with the comments “Parking tickets suck,” “Parking tickets are a racket,” and “when you have parking tickets, your only option is to pay by mail.”

It’s not the first time that a Canadian cartoonist has slammed Canadian parking fines. In 2015, over 50,000 Canadians shared the images on Instagram, which the cartoonist posted under the caption, “Parking tickets suck.” The image got nearly a million likes and over 165,000 comments.

Similar to the woman’s Ford Focus who ultimately was slapped with 15 tickets, Canadians may want to consider going undercover as a parking lot attendant to avoid the aggravation.


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