Kenney: ‘The party will work hard to ensure that we will be successful in 2019’

The Reverend Keith Kenney took to the podium at the United Conservative Party’s spring convention on Friday to speak to the potentially destructive protests that have marked the event.

“A while back, you heard about a very courageous young man named Jordan Peterson,” Kenney said to the crowd of delegates. “He has a growing group of followers, he represents a quality that are very important to me – humanism.”

Peterson, a Toronto professor, sparked controversy this year by saying in an interview that a young male should be able to “unplug” from technology and be “quiet” before masturbation. Kenney’s speech came shortly after he quoted Peterson.

“I love this point from Jordan Peterson’s latest book: ‘I still want to offer a message of a generation … I say to young people, stop masturbating and start writing,’” Kenney said.

Kenney also spoke about “criticism and mistrust” on Friday.

“These confrontations with politicians at town halls, municipal meetings … I have been told by a few of you in this room … That the outreach staff told me yesterday that they will be protecting me from constant incursions from these groups,” Kenney said.

However, Kenney added that he is hopeful for the future of the party.

“After every election, the NDP decide to ruin our party, discredit it and rub our noses in it,” Kenney said. “To cleanse the party of ‘rabble.’”

When faced with those challenges, he called upon his staff: “The team will work hard to ensure that we will be successful in 2019.”

Kenney will lead the UCP in the 2019 general election and lead a future government.

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