Johnnie Cochran and his devastating impact on the justice system


CNET interviewed the actor’s new partner Ryan, in the upcoming film “The Fixer.” He said: “For the decade I’ve worked in property law, he’s been my biggest inspiration. He’s put the district attorney in the position where he can win hundreds of convictions, including corruption cases. He’s sort of revolutionized the number of convictions that can be obtained. I’m honored to be a part of this dynamic character and believe there is no greater person to have inspired me in my career than Johnnie Cochran.”

This man is becoming a household name as the star of The CW show “Dynasty.” John really dominated news coverage when he came to an agreement with ABC, the network, to pursue a wrongful death case against the airline Aeromexico, after their pilot, Marvin Scott King, was killed by in-flight turbulence. The airline was allowed to settle the case for $1.5 million, which breaks down to $37,000 for each of the 48 lives lost in that tragic crash. In a typical wrongful death case, even if the family is eligible for compensation, they only receive about $4,000 per life. So if you were to think that the potential payout would be next to nothing for the family of Marvin Scott King, then you would be right.

Johnnie Cochran also believes that in the case of a school shooting, getting the shooter arrested is his greatest work ever, per the documentary film “Crime and Punishment.” We’ll always hold that thought close to our hearts in the first year after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

But one person wants Johnnie Cochran out of the spotlight. It’s a new program called “The Fixer,” which focuses on police misconduct in the Black community. He’s received lots of criticism because, in his opinion, he never used the word “kill” on behalf of the family of Emmett Till.

But Cochran has since clarified his position. Not once, but three times now.

Till was a 14-year-old Black teen who was brutally murdered in Money, Mississippi, in 1955. He was killed after having an accusation of whistling at a white woman. His relatives are still angry that there hasn’t been a homicide charge against his killer.

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