Editorial board: Global warming is still the biggest threat to mankind

The climate conference has ended in Poland. The pledges made are not nearly enough for the targets the world needs to meet under the Paris Agreement.

Nations made only pledges instead of binding legal obligations under the Paris Agreement, which would take time and resources to work out, but at least would be legally binding. Mexico and Switzerland presented an amendment to the Paris Agreement to make the pledges binding. This got 99 countries to vote for the amendment (the US, which did not support the US’s commitment to the Paris Agreement, wasn’t on the count), while 21 nations did not vote for the measure. So, a resounding 95 countries were against binding pledges and seven were for.

Russia announced that it’s withdrawing from the Paris Agreement.

The world will need to lower emissions 48% by 2030 to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius. So far, the World Bank says that commitments from countries for greenhouse gas emission levels thus far will only get them to 36% by 2030.

The results are a disappointment for the UN climate negotiator Patricia Espinosa, who was appointed by the UN secretary general to lead the COP26, the climate conference. Speaking to the press, she said, “I’m not surprised because, by saying that the 3nd – 5th of December is going to be ready, I think it means they [the countries] were thinking that it is not as important to have the transparency treaty as they thought.”

If you want to see the whole report from the International Panel on Climate Change, click here.

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