Dietitian Jennifer Litton: Plan Ahead & Make It A Little Easier For The Host

Play Audio Clip Listen to audio clip. Dr. Jennifer Litton, a registered dietitian and author of “Beating the Cravings,” and a regular contributor to Fox News Health, said it’s important to talk about your eating habits ahead of time before you go to an event, especially if you’re having a food event. “When people are deciding on getting dressed up, they make the dinner or the event with a specific plan of which proteins, vegetables, fruit, they should enjoy or why they would enjoy them. You can see the plate of food, and in many cases you may not even actually eat your dinner. So that’s when your dietitian can start the conversation about your eating habits.”

Litton says dietitians suggest taking your time with your dinner and filling it up on fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding processed foods and opting for choices that can be easily removed from your diet if you get stuck at a food event. “Now, there’s also that one time-based eating plan. If we say we’re going to a party and we take a pot luck dish, is it really going to be a pot luck dish?”

(Litton) “Would it be ok to take your parsley if you’re not eating it? What if you just take your cherry tomatoes and you take your salt and pepper and just move on? It takes planning ahead and using some strategies to make it a little bit easier for the host or hostess to say, ‘oh you can take that dish, can you share it.’”

Litton says there are a couple tricks to make eating your dinner a little bit easier. “It means bring your own snacks. There’s no rule you have to bring what you’re eating. You’re still the guest of honor if you brought something like nuts or dessert. And, do remember, people are being sick. Eat a little bit so that you don’t cause any additional stress.”

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