Coyote spotted on the loose in North York

A coyote has been spotted at large in an area of suburban North York, and authorities are warning residents to stay away from the animal.

Councillor, Larry Di Ianni posted on Facebook about the encounter.

“An adult female coyote is wandering through Yorkdale Park,” Di Ianni wrote. “She bit a lady walking her dog and a man on his bicycle.”

The coyote bit the woman as she was walking her dog around the picnic area of Greenview Park, just before 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, the woman told the Post. She said she was walking two dogs as usual, when a coyote approached the animals in front of her. She “looked back and saw a coyote biting a little white Lab in the neck. I turned and walked back to the picnic area where I was bitten and scratched. Now I have vet bills,” she told the Citizen.

Di Ianni said there are reports that a second coyote attacked the man cycling around the same area.

Police asked residents to be alert for the coyote until it is relocated.

Farther afield, a female coyote was tranquilized in Toronto on Friday night, but later died, WFSU radio reported.

Just a week earlier, police say that a coyote killed an eight-month-old baby in nearby Scarborough.

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