Cladding row delays Brighton and Hove tram line

Image copyright Google Maps Image caption There are 126 tracks for the proposed Lines 3 and 4 streetcar

Metropolitan planners think there’s a problem with some of the curbside storage for part of a new streetcar line between the flats in Oxford and Devonport.

The new tracks are being laid on the embankment between a housing estate and bike paths.

Now they want to use underground car parks for storage and also put a path down the embankment so people can use the railways.

It’s not the first problem with the plan.

Image copyright Southwark Borough Council Image caption The council wants more bicycle routes between Oxford and Devonport

Southwark Council says at present there is no space on the embankment between spaces for two cars and what is going on now hasn’t been approved by rail operating companies.

The council says it wants the track to act as a connector, linking passengers to the new Lines 3 and 4 (see map below).

All Brighton and Hove councilors want is more bike lanes between the flats and parks and other outlying communities.

City and country

Curbside storage is important because when crews set up or remove lines, the rails are a tight squeeze and you need a long concrete slab next to the rails so they can be moved.

In May, draft plans released by the planners, showed the work would start early next year.

What’s strange is that two years ago the same team said they would keep the tracks relatively free of obstructions, no matter where they were.

One local councillor said it was crazy to push through the construction when there was no wider plan in place to give pedestrians and cyclists more space.

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