BEST BOOKS: ‘Democrat Party’ gets the NET SLAM

“It’s a bad idea to call yourself progressive,” I told W as part of a campaign to refute a “majoritarian” claim. The embrace of such branding created a bit of a distraction and meant we didn’t emphasize our more salient task. There was such an assumption that our arguments were about Democrats in opposition, and not about Democrats in power. If that’s the case, then we should have ignored the “Democratic party” bit of the label and instead used the phrase “Democrat Party.”

Gotta be realistic and say that many voters were never in mind when the “movement” was originally created. They’re simply the ones who get called progressive a lot. They wanted to hear us talk more about the actual differences that Republican-led agencies are creating in America.

The single most impactful thing in my opinion is the very idea of speaking out about progressive policies in politics, a subject on which we continue to yield to hysteria and apathy. This has led to the current situation on “Obamacare” in particular, a major legal question that our court had several times in recent years decided. The 7-2 decision to uphold this on Thursday has given us no time to celebrate, even after President Trump signed the legislation into law. The very reason we now have to stand up again is due to the courts. The argument that state governments could get away with funding them with state funds is ignorant and plays into the hands of the right and demagogues.

This is not the time to be dismissive of the name; it just makes it more urgent and important that we are all vocal and fight this any way we can to protect these programs.”


Kennedy: Democrats Have ‘A Bad Case of Mindlessness’ In Dozing Off To Obamacare Law Justices

Kennedy is the director of special projects at the T. Samuel Nathoo Center for Civic Journalism at the Kennedy Center, and co-founder of @WrongSetWithA.

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