Benjamin Netanyahu’s life in photos

The Prime Minister’s office announced that Benjamin Netanyahu would hold an emergency Cabinet meeting Thursday evening to discuss the investigation by Israel’s attorney general. Here are some more details on the Israeli leader’s life:

Born: In 1952, the 60-year-old has a younger brother, Yaakov, and a sister, Margit. His father was an Israeli police colonel and a prominent media figure. Netanyahu studied history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem before embarking on a career in politics and eventually politics.

Accomplishments: Netanyahu has long been a fierce political opponent of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, calling him “a murderous brute” in an op-ed. Mubarak won second place in an Israeli poll for president with 35 percent of the vote, though Egyptian parliamentary elections are expected to be far less democratic. In 2008, Netanyahu made waves at an IDF graduation ceremony when he told fellow soldiers, “How many of you told yourselves that when we join the IDF, you’ll accomplish all your dreams and you’ll go to the moon?”

Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, is known as a feminist, and she was an active woman in the Israeli Justice Ministry. Her right-wing platform has appealed to right-wing factions in the nation, including the ultra-Orthodox communities.

Famous friends: One of Netanyahu’s close allies is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a former Obama White House chief of staff. US President Donald Trump recently refused to denounce Jared Kushner, an adviser to Netanyahu, in a tweet about Russian meddling in the US election, though the president has since disavowed that tweet.

Netanyahu has an estimated net worth of $3.8 million. The Israeli prime minister recently handed over $154,000 in tax free interest-earning shares to charity.

Relations with the media: Netanyahu has repeatedly sparred with Israel’s daily newspapers, The Jerusalem Post and Yedioth Ahronoth, during a series of scandals that have reportedly dented his popularity. He faced a similar backlash when, in 2013, he called press coverage “a complete and utter disgrace.”

Accusations against Netanyahu: Since becoming prime minister in 2009, Netanyahu has been accused of corruption, influence peddling, bribery, fraud and in some cases interfering in public affairs in order to advance his personal and financial interests.

Terrorism: In 2010, Netanyahu claimed that a Palestinian prime minister had tried to assassinate him. The accusations were accompanied by allegations that it was Netanyahu who tried to sabotage the peace process with Hamas and had advised military officials on how to deal with the Islamist group.

End of the world: Netanyahu recently served as guest of honor at a luncheon for Tsion Danahal, the world’s largest collection of Dead Sea Scrolls.

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