A crane collapsed in Taiwan and a huge art exhibition fell down too

More than ten people have been injured in a crane collapse in Taiwan, according to the BBC. Nineteen people are thought to have been working underneath the building when the accident occurred. An initial report issued by the police, which was confirmed by media, said six of the people injured in the collapse are in critical condition. Local media reported that the building was a five-story residential unit.

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Earlier this month, workers building a colossal digital art museum in Shanghai found their work of art suddenly rendered immobile after a “green” water installation fell and brought the building down. As we previously reported, the Cultural Palace, which was supposed to be the main venue for digital art from contemporary artists from around the world, will now be torn down.

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In a major setback for the fossil fuel industry, the White House is considering undoing regulations that could vastly increase the number of publicly accessible clean water bodies. The Clean Water Rule, adopted by the Obama administration in 2015, would provide federal water quality standards for dumping pollutants into public waterways, which is a major component in limiting toxic waste that has been polluting public water supplies. The rules are known as “navigable waters,” which helped set a higher standard for state and local government. The decision to revamp the rule was first proposed by the Department of Justice in 2015, and then brought up by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt in a speech last week.

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